SHANGHAI (REUTERS) – Mainland China reported 2,804 new coronavirus cases for Aug 18 of which 603 were symptomatic and 2,201 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Friday (Aug 19).

That compared with 3,570 new cases a day earlier – 682 symptomatic and 2,888 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.

There were no new deaths, keeping the nation’s death toll at 5,226.

As of Aug 18, mainland China had confirmed 238,183 cases with symptoms.

China’s capital Beijing reported one symptomatic case, compared with four a day ago, and no asymptomatic cases, versus one a day before, according to local government data.

Shanghai reported no new local symptomatic cases, the same as a day earlier, and three local asymptomatic cases reported within quarantined areas, versus four the previous day, local government data showed.

Holiday city Sanya on the southern end of Hainan island, which is battling an outbreak, reported 4,722 symptomatic and 6,762 asymptomatic cases from Aug 1 through Aug 18.