Shopping for clothes online can be tricky. What you see in photos may not turn out to be your dream fashion buy upon delivery. You can write it off as a loss if it does not cost you a lot but what if you have splurged a fairly big sum – for that important meeting or special date night, or simply to treat yourself? 

Los Angeles-based premium retailer Revolve understands such frustrations, taking out the guesswork with a wide range of the world’s best brands, endorsed – and sometimes even created – by top influencers. It does not keep you waiting too long, tapping speedy FedEx delivery to give you a fashion rush.

And with free (and hassle-free) returns, Revolve banishes the fear of being stuck with a nice dress but in the wrong size. 

You are unlikely to hit a fashion road block given that Revolve has a line-up of 24 owned brands, and a sister site, FWRD, retailing high-end designer pieces from the likes of Bottega Veneta, Loewe and Balenciaga. Since its founding in 2003, Revolve’s vision has been to leverage digital channels and technology to transform the shopping experience. 

Large retailers offer clothes that are too generic and mass-market, while boutique shops have selections that are too limited. To unite both extremes, Revolve offers a vast yet curated selection of offerings, fine-tuned using data analytics, trend-forecasting algorithms and automated inventory and price management technology. Customers have more than 1,000 new items each week to choose from, each customised based on data-driven predictions of the latest trends. Each piece is produced in only a small quantity, with best sellers identified and re-ordered.

Revolve’s proprietary technology is built and managed in-house, enabling it to detect and forecast trends quickly across a variety of data points. “Our experienced buyers are equipped to make powerfully informed decisions to ultimately determine the best assortment and cater to our customers’ wants and needs,” a spokesman for Revolve says.

Revolve was recognised in the Singapore’s Best Customer Service survey 2022/23 by The Straits Times and research firm Statista for giving the best customer service in the online women’s apparel sub-category, under Clothing.