In Singapore, one of the busiest trans-shipment hubs in the world, logistics companies do more than just transport goods from one place to another.

As one of the key pillars of Singapore’s economy, the logistics industry plays a vital role in the lives of many Singaporeans, such as making sure that we have an adequate supply of food and providing high-value jobs.

Pacific Logistics Group (PLG), one of the leading logistics companies here, is at the forefront of helping to drive the future of the industry, and in turn, playing a key role in building the future of Singapore.

A logistics company with Singapore in its heart

PLG is one of the top 10 homegrown logistics companies in Singapore. The firm, which provides integrated logistics solutions, ranks amongst the top in the industry in terms of annual revenue, company size, and the spectrum of services offered.

As a homegrown company, PLG has been helping to write the Singapore story and safeguard the nation’s interests. It is a role that the company is committed to and is actively contributing to in several ways.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, PLG assisted with the storage of the national food stockpile and lent its support to help deliveries to supermarkets when food resilience and safety were major concerns. PLG has continued to contribute its resources in a post-pandemic world. The company is now assisting with the long-term storage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in case of any national emergencies.

Connecting Singapore to Asia and the world

As an industry leader, PLG is also committed to promoting Singapore as a global trans-shipment hub and an attractive place to do business. The logistics company actively seeks out international brands with little or no presence in Singapore or the Asia region and encourages them to set up the regional distribution centres here.

By tapping into Singapore’s many benefits such as its status as a regional trading hub, connectivity, good infrastructure including Changi Airport and Tuas Mega Port, these international brands can easily build their local and regional presence.