Mr Lin Qi was the founder, chairman and top shareholder of Yoozoo Games.

SHANGHAI (BLOOMBERG) – Mr Lin Qi, the chief executive officer of Chinese video-game publisher Yoozoo Games, has died after being hospitalised amid a Shanghai police investigation into a suspected poisoning case. He was 39.

Yoozoo announced that Mr Lin, the founder, chairman and top shareholder, died on Friday (Dec 25) without giving a specific cause. He entered the hospital recently after experiencing discomfort and his condition was “stable,” the Shanghai-based company had said in a statement two days ago.

Shanghai police said in a social media post on Dec 23 that a 39-year-old man with the last name of Lin was allegedly poisoned and that a suspect has been detained amid the investigation.

Yoozoo, also called Youzu Interactive Co, has launched titles including “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming”.

In September, it reached an agreement with video-streaming giant Netflix to adapt the science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem” into a series.

Yoozoo said the company will continue normal operations and will seek a successor for Mr Lin.